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Pretty Sure This Is Good by anonbea
Pretty Sure This Is Good
Trying to work out colouring styles for lamb to the slaughter stuff, im pretty happy with this one, its simple and you can see my ink. Kinda subtle but the green pops out nicely. (thankyou to :iconrosengeist: for the help!)
  this feels good though.
WE by anonbea
are shannon's version of procrastination!
 warm up exercisess
crystal gems are not mine
everything else is
Colouring Mary by anonbea
Colouring Mary
Realising that two toning this character does not look half as good as when i put effort into colouring. I want her to be fairly dark skinned, not perfect k-pop porcelain, warm to counteract the greens im gonna stick her with. digital painting of the characters and then ink backgrounds. should be fine.
My work peeps
not my character
LS: Mary Maloney by anonbea
LS: Mary Maloney
Evolution of Mary’s design.
When i started this project, i had made the age old caucasian’s mistake of drawing her first as white. this was mostly due to the original story, based in the 50/60′s and all i could see was this waif like pregnant woman with curlers in her hair, looking mournful. It was when I questioned the time i would base it in, that i questioned their ethnicity. Why couldn’t i base it on a non caucasian couple, or inter racial? what if one of them being black and the other white could extra facet to the story? what if race played a part in Mary’s survival? what if she could use it to her advantage?
   One of the most common interracial relationships to be mocked is asian woman/caucasian man. The stereotypes permeated through films and media often suggest that such relationships are not made through love but through gain and perversion, the young asian woman dating the caucasian man for his money, the male for his companion’s youth and body. Mail order brides, internet dating and scams. Couples of this type are questioned of their true feelings, feelings considered lesser due to these stereotypes. Couples even experience violence from others due to their partnerships. In Britain this is common, and its fucking terrible. 
   I want to show Mary and her husband sharing a good relationship, meaningful and comfortable, not just two people using each other for gain. I want to show their banter, their interior language, how they fit. But as soon as the police show up, we see the nature of them. Instead ignoring her ethnicity and getting on with it, they question and pull at it, giving Mary a nice niche to wedge her innocence in. I think i’ll have the head inspector, patrick’s mate, play a sort of white knight role, that Mary places him in. She almost announces him as her hero, forcing him to act so, not only using her mask as a hapless foreigner but also as a pregnant woman, vulnerable and weak.

 Any way, back to design. I wanted her design to be simple, something that i could animate easily, so short hair and a simple tshirt and leggings seemed the best. She’s in her civvies, comfy clothes. She’s in her 7/ 8th month, big as a house and probably doesn’t wear shoes that much due to cankles. I think the t-shirt is his, it’s too big to be hers. I based her features on the Korean Actress Doona Bae, her face is inquisitive and ready to be shocked, not a perfect k-pop mask. I wanted to have a birthplace for her, to give her a proper identity, even if the police don’t know. I didn’t want to just make her “asian” and make up the features. drawing from an actual reference has aided me in getting her fetaures right. I need more practise in drawing characters outside my own race and I’m often worried that i don’t achieve it, but i am working on it and i’m pretty proud of the final design. 

Mrs maloney is roald dahls, but this design is mine
Lamb to the Slaughter: Pat Maloney by anonbea
Lamb to the Slaughter: Pat Maloney
Designing Patrick Maloney, Mary’s husband. the reality is that we are likely to only see his face once or twice but it doesn’t hurt to have him down pat. I’ve never drawn many freckly people but i thought, it adds this little bit of softness to his otherwise sharp features. He’s caucasian, like all the other males in the comic and i wanted him to look a bit bland, his freckles the only thing picking him out of a crowd. He’s drained, his work pulling a lot out of him, lots of lines on his face, despite him only being in his late 30′s.
 he and mary met in University so i wanted to draw student!Mary and Pat. I imagine that Pat was a big dreamer at uni, really enthusiastic about becoming a detective or police officer, to HELP people. Both of them did psychology so they’d have very long and deep conversations about good and evil. Pat was always the more extroverted of the two, Mary is far more quiet, preferring to let others talk, gather information and speak when she’s good and ready. pat helped her with that.

design is mine
original character-Roald Dahl


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I'm Bea, Illustration student at AUB, heavy breather for mythology of any kind and genuinely terrified of zombies
I'm so up for drawing stuff that didn't come from my brain. just note me if you are x

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donwhitt Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like your wrk. Especially the building studies. I come from a poor community. There isn't a library within 100 miles from where I live. So, perspective studies have interested me as of late. You have a unique perspective in the panel that you have created. How do you know what perspective in which to use when you are drawing a living room, etc? Beautifully done and executed work.
anonbea Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Thankyou, that's very kind. To be honest, i kind of just go for it, i often find perspectives difficult so rather than get all het up about angles, i just start drawing and hope for the best. Not useful advice i'm afraid but thankyou anyway
donwhitt Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No that's great! I appreciate it. Well, I know people understand perspectives and the. Throw it out the window. I want my own style like you have your own. However, I at least want to get it where you can tell what I'm trying to communicate. What I like about your comic style it reminds me of a g
mintykoneko Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Student Filmographer
sexy lady
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anonbea Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Thankyou very much! that's so sweet!
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