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Sage and crosses by anonbea
Sage and crosses
Oh baby, you know all dis ruckus usually put mama in de best of moods. But listen now, de fightin'. Darlin' we hurtin people.

I fucking love drawing Maman Brigitte. she's just so fun to plop onto crosses and ink. Experimenting with photoshop under my inks. having fun.
The Loa and the Boar by anonbea
The Loa and the Boar
"hey there sugar, what is a fine drink o water like you doin in a dump like this?
"uh, oink?"

My redo of midsummer nights dream for Uni. Since I'm basing it in New Orleans and :iconrosengeist: told me hogs were more common than donkeys, i decided to give Bottom a boar's head. Very fun to draw. I imagine Bottom to be a teen for some reason, skinny and wears MCR shirts.
All mine.
Lanterns and Bane by anonbea
Lanterns and Bane
Physalis alkekengi - also known as the Chinese lantern or the winter cherry. It is most known for it’s decorative uses but the whole plant can be used for medicinal purposes; the plant has been used to prevent fever, to promote early labour, to ease arthritis and the berries contain twice the vitamin C as a lemon.
Aconitum- also known as Monkshood, aconite and wolfsbane. Used as a repellent against wolves, where the plant gained it’s most famous moniker, and often used to create poisons, if used correctly, Aconitum can produce a strong anaesthetic, slow the pulse, reduce fever and can be used as a diaphoretic.
  Both are must haves in a werewolf’s garden.

Una being artistic and bloody. As always. 
Had fun digitally colouring, really enjoying the odd colour mixes.
Una is mine.
Old wench by anonbea
Old wench
Una being a grumpy cow, as always.
I really enjoyed the colouring, havent played with my watercolour pencils in a while. Enjoy
Mistletoe Maw by anonbea
Mistletoe Maw
It was the first moon since Feris did it. Since he had changed them both.
Her neck hadn't healed yet.
Her brother, hardly a healer but a hunter who had called to death with his hands, that it wouldn't even scar properly until the next spring. He said, rubbing the side of his nose with a muddy finger, that she shouldn't move her neck much, keep it straight so she didn't rip the scabbing. 
(This would be a habit she would hold through the years, her posture as straight as that of a dancers; her head erect and neck taut.)
  Una knew that Feris hated them. The teethmarks. She thought it was guilt maybe, shame, it certainly wasn't that he had a weak stomach. She had seen him gut deer happily without blinking an eye but Gods, the way his face twitched from its usual smugness if his gaze passed her neck...
She was certain it was guilt.
It was also most likely guilt that had him gift her with a string of precious stones to cover it up with. Despite her muted hatred for her brother, she liked the necklace. Red plaited silk and dark quartz that felt cool against the raw skin. She wore it constantly after it's gifting, except for the day of the coming moon. Feris took it from her then, tucking it within a leather pouch of his, keeping his eyes averted, safely away from her throat. He told her he didn't want it to break. When she questioned how it would do so, he did not answer.
  She thought, after, that he knew it would happen again.
That the moon would change him again.
Into that thing.
The monster.
She didn't know it would do it again and not only to him.
She didn't know how painful the night could be.

all mine, illustration and blurb


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I'm Bea, Illustration student at AUB, heavy breather for mythology of any kind and genuinely terrified of zombies
Would anyone be interested in commissions now i have a scanner and photoshop? Just leave me a message here if you are c:

Edit: I'd say perhaps
£15 for a detailed sketch, ie, patterned and textured
£17 simple shading, i.e flat colours
£20 detailed colouring
and £4 per extra character.

Commission slots:
1- :iconseolhe:

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anonbea Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
oh nuuu
please dont stalk me -shakes head at the comment voraciously and offers cookies-
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I think you would enjoy the podcast Welcome to Night Vale just from looking at your art~ 

your art is wonderful~
anonbea Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I do, i love cecil! he's just adorable. He is also very hard to draw!
Thankyou very much!
brandnew Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Professional Artist
nice art!
anonbea Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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Was wondering for the past couple days if I'd ever find that one artist who drew that girl with massive white hair ever again... Just stumbled across your art on the front page & now I'm a very happy camper
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